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Baltic Breeze is a responsible and trustworthy tour operator for the whole region of the Baltics. Since these destinations began receiving more attention in the global tourism market, we offer you a hand. Our thorough professionalism helps us to become your most reliable partner for this unexplored area. Baltic Breeze is comprised from the experienced staff members, travellers themselves, having a healthy understanding about the needs and preferences of the customers.

We are highly proficient in tours’ organization and realization as well as customization of each inquiry from the fundamental idea to its’ complete implementation. Our premium service is customer-oriented, so we assure you with the most pleasant and sustain partnership. 


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Rūta Dambyte


Personally, I see tourism as a global phenomenon, influencing economic, social and political life of each country. Since I am Lithuanian myself, it is magical to invite foreigners to discover my homeland. There is always the admiration, while witnessing the prime reaction of foreigners who come to visit Baltic States. Following the common stereotype, they might travel here to explore the poor and grey Eastern Europe. But, eventually, they leave enchanted by the local architecture, purity and beauty of nature, modern lifestyle and availability to use English everywhere.

Baltic countries are extremely interesting, since they are in search of their identity. Unlike Western Europe here lots of the fields are still waiting to be discovered. To explore and achieve. This is what traveling is about for me.