The Traces of The Soviet Union

History is as a handful of bricks that build any country’s national identity and shapes the character. It has been more than 24 years already, since Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia got free from the Soviet Union. Much of the Soviet heritage was destroyed or found a place in a dump.

But some of it was transformed into interesting thematic parks. One of them is named Grūtas Park, located in Lithuania. It is situated in a huge territory and seeks to recreate the Soviet spirit. Moreover, some of the remaining bunkers in these countries still serve their function as the public attraction sites.   

This tour will be awarding for a history lover. It includes a tour in all three Baltic countries and a variety of unique encounters with the ruins of the fallen empire. You must take a journey and get to know yourself what history books do not write about.

Tour details

Tour Highlights

  • Historical perspective of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia
  • Soviet relicts in Lithuanian capital of Vilnius
  • KGB museum in a former Lenin avenue in Vilnius
  • Grūtas Park – the absurdity of Soviet system
  • Former capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania – Trakai
  • Horrific Devils Museum
  • Art Nouveau style architectural heritage in Riga
  • The Occupation museum in Riga
  • A tour to a secret bunker in Latvia
  • Soviet navy nuclear submarine training center in Estonia
  • Medieval fortifications of Tallinn’s Old Town