Criminal Justice in Lithuania

During the mother tongue language classes at school, each Lithuanian is supposed to read and study a work of Russian writer Fiodor Dostojevky “Crime and Punishment”. Since then even a topic of a book sounds horrifying.

Nevertheless, it is our honour to invite you on this extraordinary tour. We offer you an entirely different perspective on the Baltic states. You will have a chance not only to explore the most significant cultural, historical and architectural delights of these three countries, but also you will indulge with the local juridical system.

Our aim is to provide you with an in depth insight, to make you question and to light up a discussion. Why? Baltic states is a highly convenient area of research. Region is undergoing the transformation from the Soviet system towards the state of modern Western country. Is the legal apparatus working under the eye of European pacts completely? Would you like to hear it from the first lips? Come on a visit, meet the right people and figure it out yourself.

Tour details

Tour highlights

  • All the delights of Vilnius’ Old Town
  • The old jewish ghetto
  • A visit to the Lithuanian parliament
  • Meet-up and a discussion with the officer of Lithuanian Criminal Police bureau
  • Discussion on the local law system with the law students
  • Informal meeting with the university students
  • Highlights of the former Lithuanian capital – Kaunas
  • An intense visit to Kaunas prison
  • Relax day at Tony Resort
  • Detective game, helping to build up group’s communication