Warm Baltic Inspirations

Three sister countries of the Baltics hold plenty of the magic. Be ready for a great dose of inspiration and enjoyment. There are tons of original attractions for any kind of a traveller. Miraculous and so popular Old Towns carefully preserved by UNESCO is just a small piece of cake.

Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia will make you question, wonder, adore, fall in love, experiment and explore the unknown. This tour includes delightful sites ranging from the pleasant introduction to the main cities and famous attractions to the original secluded corners and special natural sights of the area. You might be a passionate foodie, art lover, history, nature or culture thirsty enthusiast, anyway you will find something of a personal spark. Open up for the unfading experience in the Eastern Europe!

Tour details

Tour Highlights

  • Three new countries unlocked: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia
  • Vibrant and beautiful capitals
  • Fascinating town of Trakai and its’ insular castle
  • Interim capital of Lithuania – Kaunas
  • 52 meters high shifting sand dunes of Nida
  • Spiritual walk in the Hill of Crosses
  • Most inviting sites of pagan tradition in Lithuania
  • Royal Reminiscences of Rundale’s Palace
  • Original Ethnographic Museum of Latvia
  • Captivating Gauja’s National Park in Latvia
  • Recreational health capital of Estonia – Pärnu