Classical Baltics and Minimalist Helsinki

Combine your classical Baltic States tour with the unforgettable journey through the Baltic sea and majestic loveliness of Helsinki. If you are up for any unusual decisions, this tour is designed exactly for you. We call you to wander around Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia exploring the most splendid corners of these enchanting countries and, finally, to get acquainted with the Scandinavian diamond – Helsinki.

Awaken your senses, obtaining lifelong memories, while visiting secluded captivating castles, inspiring and beautiful churches, heavenly palaces along with the peaceful parks, exceptional cultural and natural monuments, charming sites and discovering distinct but yet so close cultures and the pasts.

Tour details

Tour Highlights

  • Four extraordinary countries: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland
  • Four gorgeous and grand capitals
  • Fabulously peculiar nsular castle of Trakai
  • Empire of faith – Hill of Crosses
  • Luxurious Palace of Rundale with stunning gardens
  • Restorative Ethnographic Open-air Museum of Latvia
  • 700 year old Turaida castle in Gauja’s National Park
  • Estonian summer resort – Pärnu
  • Highly modern KUMU art museum in Tallinn
  • Relaxing Kadriorg park with the palace
  • Enchanting Church in the Rock in Helsinki
  • Traditional finnish town of Poorvo