The Jewish Heritage

Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia have always had a significant percentage of a jewish community trading, visiting and permanently living in these countries. Since the whole Europe faced the terror against the people of this ethnicity, inhabitants of Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn and other smaller cities also undermined the trouble of the century.

This is a cultural tour following the footsteps of the remnants of jewish heritage. We offer you to walk the streets of former ghettos, visit tolerance museums, memorials and the places of massacre which still are a bleeding wound for each country. Hear the stories from the first lips, meet local jews, who could guide you better than any historian through the labyrinth of the extremely controversial moments of the past.

Tour details

Tour Highlights

  • Culturally based experience of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia
  • The upper and lower former jewish ghettos in the heart of Vilnius
  • Vilna Gaon Jewish State Museum
  • Massive massacre site in Paneriai forest
  • Town of Trakai and its gothic castle in the middle of a lake
  • The IX th fort – the grand monument for Holocaust victims
  • “Jews in Latvia” museum
  • The old jewish community block in Riga
  • Mysterious and lovely Gauja’s National Park in Latvia
  • Tallinn Rahumae cemetery for religious affiliations
  • Charming Beit Bella synagogue in Tallinn