If it has been a while you are planning to pack a bag and escape to any destination, choose Eastern Europe! This unrevealed area contains all you might be interested in. Whether it is a revealing walk of among the streets of architectural and cultural wealth of baroque Vilnius, Art-Nouveau Riga or gothic fortifications of Tallinn, relaxation and enjoyment at the beautiful natural sites, big and fancy shopping at the high standard shopping malls or simply a breakaway driving on your own throughout these countries – Baltic Breeze has something for everyone.   

City Breaks

We are glad to represent you our recent product – City Break tour packages. Refresh your mind discovering one of the Baltic capitals: Vilnius, Riga or Tallinn. Best fairs, festivals, concerts, plays and performances happen here every week. Shopping malls, delightful entertainment activities, inspiring workshops, health treatment programmes and magic tours are taking a place here. All of these countries are unique and worth a try. A wide range of history, arts, culture and adventure seekers will find a things of a personal spark.  


Never before it has been so easy to travel on your own. Give a chance to captivating self-drive holidays in the Baltics and choose from our carefully designed advisory  routes or make up your own. We suggest you an enchanting breakaway experience leading you through the unfolded places, secluded sites and non-tourist destinations. This tour includes the rent of your preferred vehicle, most beautiful and reliable roadway through the main cities and tiny villages and overnights at cosy hotels or guest houses.