Grand Baltics Route

Spend 15 colourful and remarkable days, discovering our advisory precisely tailored Grand Baltics Route. It is designed in a strongly particular way, allowing to uncover the great overall beauty of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Pictures on the internet and tips on the guidebooks are just nothing, comparing to the real empathy.

Stunning old towns, magical castles, wonderful natural parks, calm resorts, secluded capes, birds’ ringing places, spiritual and historical sites, fishermen villages, various exciting activities – everything is on your way. Imagine, you have a car, good company, tasty music, short distances, surroundings of undeniable beauty and a right to stop whenever and wherever you want…It just sounds right, doesn’t it?

Tour details

Tour Highlights

  • Three countries on a road: Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia
  • Three grand Old Towns of the Baltic States
  • Perfectly maintained famous Art Nouveau district in Riga
  • Latvian Ethnographic Open-air Museum
  • Sandy and wide beaches of Pärnu
  • New type art museum – KUMU in Tallinn
  • Significant natural park of Laahema in Estonia
  • Peipsi – Europe’s fourth largest lake
  • Authentic provincial town of Rakvere
  • Cesis – most beautiful small town in Latvia
  • Very green city of Daugavpils
  • Aukštaitija National Park – 126 interconnected lakes in one place
  • One of the oldest centers in Lithuania – Kernavė
  • Stunning castles on Panemune way: Panemunė, Raudondvaris and Raudonė
  • Lithuanian harbour Klaipėda
  • Pearl of the Curonian Spit – Nida
  • So unique Hill of Crosses