Hanseatic Tales of Riga

Well, Riga is extraordinary. It counts the history of more than 800 years and is built by a member of Hanseatic League. Recently it has become a really popular spot for weekend’s breakaway. Reasons behind it are simple. Latvian capital is highly easy to reach from any corner in Europe, it opens the doors for everyone to the extremely interesting museums, highest standard restaurants and cafes, wild nightlife and fascinates with its cultural heritage. Every part of Riga’s Old Town is revealing the vibrant and intriguing history of this country.

Give it a try and come to adore the charm of the old European style town, unique Art Nouveau style block, friendly locals, pleasant weather on the hottest summer days and incredible sights around and inside Riga. You must choose Riga if you are looking for something completely new.

Tour details

Tour Highlights

  • Glorious Dome Cathedral
  • Sky touching St. Peter’s Church
  • The Grand Monument of Freedom
  • World-known National Opera
  • Latvian Parliament House
  • Highly Memorable Art Nouveau district
  • The House of Blackheads
  • Fascinating Old Mmarket
  • The oldest dwelling complex of Three Brothers
  • Wide squares and green parks
  • Endless walks by the river channel