Vilnius: The Symphony of Baroque

Legend tells that Lithuanian capital Vilnius was built at the confluence of two rivers after the Grand Duke Gediminas fell asleep on a hill after a hunt. He had a dream about an iron wolf, which instructed him to build a capital right there he slept. Almost 700 years has passed by and a city is still thriving towards uniqueness and modernity.

Vilnius is a perfect place for a city break. It is highly vibrant and friendly as well as has plenty of options for all kinds of travellers to choose from. There are countless number of pubs, nightclubs, restaurants, cafes, bookstores, museums, boutiques and shopping malls. No one will have any time left for the boredom. Pack your suitcase, change your usual rhythm and spend at least a few days in the glorious capital of Lithuania without a rush and worry.

Tour details

Tour Highlights

  • Magnificent Cathedral Square
  • Picturesque Town Hall
  • The palace of The Grand Dukes of Lithuania
  • Artistic district of Užupis
  • The upper and lower former jewish ghettos
  • More than 400 year old Vilnius University with 12 courtyards
  • Variety of fascinating churches in Vilnius
  • Presidential Palace
  • Relaxing Squares and Parks
  • Ruins of Gediminas Castle
  • Gothic assemble of churches: St. Ann’s, Bernardinai